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Golf Course and Country Club Insurance

New York Golf Course and Country Club Insurance

Like all industries, the golf industry has many unique exposure and risks that need to be addressed by specialized coverage’s. Whether you run a Golf Course, Driving Range or Practice Facility, are a private golf instructor or own a retail golf shop, the Smith Insurance Agency in Rochester NY is here to help ensure that you’re property insured! Regardless of it’s size, whether the facility is a public golf course or a private country club, or the extent to which your facility holds banquets and tournaments, it is important that you are aware of the coverage that uniquely protect your operation.

Have you considered the following coverage’s?

  • General Liability Insurance – This coverage protects your business is you are liable for the damage to someones property or if you have caused bodily injury. The key here is that that whether or not you are actually at fault, this coverage will provide legal defense in the event of a lawsuit. Also, do you know if your policy is covering your golf pro, tennis pro, or the food and beverage portion of your operation?
  • Tee to Green Coverage – Your facility is made up of much more than just buildings. You have the unique exposure of having expensive to maintain and difficult to repair teeing grounds, putting greens, fairways and even ball washers, sprinkler systems and benches. This coverage is unique to a Golf Course Insurance policy and is essential to make sure that you’re protected.
  • Business Personal Property Coverage – Your facility likely owns maintenance equipment like mowers and other lawn equipment, golf carts, and possibly even beverage carts. Does your current policy provide coverage for these items? The policies are also able to provide coverage for golf carts that you lease, rent or borrow. Do you have directional or hole signs all over your golf course? Property coverage can protect these as well!
  • Chemical Application Liability – Do you apply chemicals like insecticides and pesticides to your golf course? Make sure that you’re protected against a claim arising from these products.
  • Golf Participant Medical Payments – While golf may not be the most dangerous sport, there is still the possibility of injury. It if possible to extend your medical payments coverage to include guests or members of your private country club and customers at your public golf course.
  • Debris Removal – After a covered loss, you may have to remove a large number of damaged trees or shrubs. Do you currently have coverage for this?
  • Liquor Liability Insurance – If you sell or service any alcoholic beverages, this coverage will respond if you are involved in a lawsuit related to those operations.

While these are all important coverage to protect your golf course, golf facility, or country club, it is essential not to forget the importance or proper general safety practices, clubhouse maintenance and golf cart safety. Here at Smith Insurance, we can also help protect you with information on how to make your facility a safer place.

Now is the time! Contact Smith Insurance in Rochester NY today to make sure that your Golf Course or Country Club Insurance is up to par!