Protect your Home against melting Snow in Rochester NY

Protect your home from melting snow in Rochester NY.

Protect your home from melting snow in Rochester NY.

While many of us to a great job of winterizing our homes and preparing for winter.  We may be overlooking the damage that melting snow can do as it leaves water, slush and mud to terrorize your home.  Not only can melting snow cause damage to your indoor personal property as it turns to water and seeps in to your basement, it can also cause damage to your foundation.  The good news, though, is that you can take steps to help protect your home against the melting snow.  Follow these steps to make sure that, when the snow melts in Rochester, your home doesn’t suffer the consequences!

  1. Clear the snow away from your gutters.  It is important that your gutters are free of debris, ice, snow and other obstacles so that the water can safely drain away from your home.
  2. Make sure that your gutters and downspouts and draining a safe distance from your home.
  3. Take care to remove ice dams from your roof.  If you are unable to reach the dams with a ladder, don’t hesitate to call a roofing company.  Many roofers in Rochester have been busy for the past few weeks helping to remove ice dams.
  4. Remove snow away from basement windows.  These are trouble spots and are an easy access point for water in to your basement.
  5. Work with your neighbors to make sure that storm sewers are free of debris.
  6. Monitor the weather and make sure that you’re ready by the time the thawing occurs.  Even if the temperature isn’t going to get above freezing, the sun can speed up the melting process.

While these tips can’t ensure that the melting snow won’t cause damage, they are a great first step to minimize the chances of damage.  For more tips, don’t hesitate to visit the tip of the month archive on our website here: Insurance Tip of the Month

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