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Umbrella Insurance

Shelter your existing policies for extended limits

The scenario:

Your Rochester homeowner insurance liability limit is $500,000. Your New York auto insurance limit is $100,000.  Your home is worth about $130,000, which is a little more than the $125,000 average Rochester home value.

Your net worth is about $50,000 including your savings, home equity and possessions.

That’s about to be shattered. Because two months ago you were in a car accident. It put you in the hospital for three days. However, in the accident you struck a top executive who worked for a Rochester area corporation. He makes $300,000 per year. Unfortunately, he won’t be able to work as he used to and he still has a family with six children to support.

He files a loss of income lawsuit against you. The amount is calculated at $2,000,000. And that’s what the judgment turns out to be.

How could you ever pay that? Will they make you sell your house? Will your wages be garnished? These may be a few of the questions going through your mind.

These are precisely the questions Rochester, NY umbrella insurance answers.  As the name implies, it acts as a shelter over your homeowner and auto policies providing extended limits usually in increments of $1,000,000. So, after your policy limits have been exhausted, the umbrella limits kick in.

The interesting fact about this insurance is that it’s very inexpensive for the coverage it provides, not to mention peace of mind.

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We take the risks of life and how you perceive them very seriously.  As a longtime Rochester independent insurance agency, we represent over one hundred companies who offer a wide variety of umbrella insurance options for Rochester residents.

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Keep in mind that most companies have minimum requirements for your homeowners insurance and auto insurance limits in order to qualify for an umbrella insurance policy so you want to be sure to review those as well!