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Snowmobile Insurance

Enjoy your snowmobile and Protect yourself!

You are ready to take out your new snowmobile, but because they are powerful and fast, they are also dangerous. Have you considered?

  • What if I run my snowmobile up on a sidewalk and hit someone?
  • What if my friend drives my snowmobile and hits a power line?
  • What if I lose control of my snowmobile and my passenger gets injured?

Finally, let’s assume you’re a skilled snowmobile operator but not everyone else on that crowded trail possesses the same skill. What happens if someone like that inadvertently involves you in an accident?

You Need Snowmobile Insurance!

Keep in mind, your homeowners insurance or auto insurance will provide little, if any, coverage for these types of vehicles!

Why take any risk? Insuring these toys is not expensive. And the coverage provided will prevent any fun stopping “what if” thoughts. It will truly enable you to enjoy your hobbies with a mind at peace.

The Gerard P Smith Insurance Agency in Webster NY will not only answer all your questions, we’ll provide you with the best protection for the best value available in the state of New York today.  We have protected the residents of Rochester since 1966 and we know how to protect you with the right Snowmobile Insurance.

The main coverage’s are liability, collision, other than collision and medical payments. Other protection includes trailer coverage, increased liability limits and optional equipment (such as tow-able sleds and custom parts).

Other snowmobile insurance notes –

  • Not all insurance covers all available snowmobile models.
  • Coverage may be available while your snowmobile is in storage.

Complete the Snowmobile Quote Form now and let the professionals at the Gerard P. Smith Insurance Agency forge a shield of protection over you.