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Renters Insurance

If items are stolen from your residence, you can rest easy knowing that renters insurance will replace those items.

Consider these three questions:

  1. If a visitor in your rental trips over your coffee table and breaks her arm, do you think you could be held liable for that?
  2. While vacationing with a friend in the golf resort town of Pinehurst in North Carolina, your golf clubs get stolen. Will Rochester renters insurance reimburse you for the stolen clubs?
  3. A fire starts in your building resulting in the sprinkler system going off in your apartment.  Your electronics including a stereo system, laptop computer, printer, TV and cable box are all severely damaged. Are you responsible for replacing those items?

The answer to all of the above is yes.  You could be held liable for all of these different instances.

Thankfully, New York rental insurance is available that provides you with protection for all of these worries at an extremely affordable price.

If a visitor has an accident in your place, NY rental insurance will provide you with liability protection so you don’t have to pay for their medical expenses out-of-pocket.

You’ll get coverage on your possessions even if they‘re not in your apartment, like the stolen golf clubs mentioned above.

Rochester rental insurance even covers the replacement cost of your damaged electronics.

Many people initially think their landlord’s policy should cover these types of concerns. However, the truth is that a building owner’s policy only covers damage to the structure itself. As a tenant, you are responsible for insuring your own contents.

The good news is that it generally costs only $15 to $25 per month!

It’s a great price for some extremely valuable coverage, not to mention the peace of mind that comes along with knowing you’re protected.

Gerard P. Smith – Veteran Rochester Insurance Professionals

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