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Life Insurance

Let the Smith Insurance Agency Help You Avoid the Terrifying Consequences of Auto Lawsuits

As the provider with young children and a spouse, which of the two following situations make you feel better:

Situation 1) A Rochester family makes the average New York median income for a family of four which is about $75,513 per year. One spouse makes $50,000 per year as an independent contractor. At the age of 44, that spouse dies of a sudden, violent brain aneurism. New York Life insurance had not been purchased although it was in the family plans. Two-thirds of the family income disappears. The remaining parent has a boy, aged 10, and a girl aged 8, to raise on their own.
Situation 2) A Rochester single mother makes $80,000 per year. It’s enough to raise her daughter rather comfortably. Still, she worries about what would happen to her daughter if she wasn’t there. Her sister said she would take the daughter in, but the sister is just scraping by financially.

It was in this frame of mind that the parent discussed these concerns with a trusted insurance professional. The parent bought a $500,000 term insurance policy that would augment the $240,000 work policy already in force.

The next year, at the age of 46, the mother became a victim of one of the more than 1300 auto accident fatalities in New York. Her 16-year-old daughter received a tax-free life insurance benefit of $740,000.

These are perfect examples of why proper planning with your insurance agent can guarantee your family a safe future.

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When you discuss your life with us, we take it seriously.  And, as a longtime Rochester independent insurance agency, we represent several companies who offer a wide variety of life insurance options for Rochester residents. We are dedicated to making sure that your estate will have the cash to pay debts, cover attorney fee’s and probate costs, fulfill special needs, fund your families life style, and much more.

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