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Homeowners Insurance

Make Sure Your Rochester NY Homeowners Insurance Policy Gives You the Protection That You Need

Each year, it is in your best interest to review your homeowners insurance policy with your local insurance agent and get the answers to these questions:

  1. Are you getting the best possible protection for the lost possible price on your homeowners insurance?
  2. Is your Rochester homeowners insurance truly protecting you and your loved ones in the case of an unfortunate accident?

If the answer is “No” – or you can’t answer confidently “Yes” – contact the Gerard P. Smith Insurance Agency to get the coverage you and your family desperately need.

Consider the following scenario:

Roots from large trees have grown their way into underground pipes that carry the sewage from your home to the central sewer line. Soon afterwards, a big rain hits causing a rush of water into the sewers.

This combination of root clogged sewer pipes and the big rainstorm causes an awful back up — damaging the carpet and contents in the lower level of your home and requiring extensive clean up.

Unfortunately, you discover you have little or no sewer back-up coverage on your homeowners insurance policy. You now have to pay potentially thousands of dollars out of your own pockets to repair everything when you could have paid just $25-$50 annually for additional coverage.

This is a preventable expense and should be addressed in your homeowners insurance policy.

The four most complicated aspects common of New York homeowners insurance:

  1. Determining if the loss is covered under the policy
  2. Determining how much protection is necessary – not enough home insurance means you need to pay out of pocket
  3. Interpreting whether the insurer can take a depreciation credit on damaged personal property based on the pre-claim conditions. If so, you’ll get paid less on the claim
  4. Properly filing the claim so the insurance company doesn’t take advantage of you

Simply put — If there’s ever a time to look for a trusted insurance agent it’s now. Homeowners insurance is complex and it is essential to have someone on your side to navigate the ins and outs of your policy!

Smith Insurance can help.

We are experts in Rochester home insurance and will guarantee you get the best protection that will fit your needs. You and your loved ones deserve it—before your home is part of an unexpected accident.

Complete the quote form above to get a NY homeowners insurance quote from our agency right away.

The sooner we receive your information, the faster we can get you the proper protection for you, your loved ones, and your home. We can’t predict when a loss will occur, no one can.  But, we can make sure that you have the best possible coverage in the event that an unfortunate and unforeseen incident takes place!  Complete the form now and let us do the rest!