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Boat Insurance

Are You Covered If You Have A Boating Accident?

Consider these three reasons why you should consider Rochester Boat Insurance:

  1. If someone is injured on your boat – and you’re at fault – you’ll be financially responsible for any claim that is made. This could leave you with a huge financial burden to fulfill.
  2. If you regularly use your boat on a crowded lake, bay, or canal, you could be at risk. You’ll want to protect yourself against irresponsible boaters that could injure you and your passengers.
  3. Your boat could be stolen or damaged in an accident. If you don’t have the proper coverage, you could be left with a damaged boat and not enough money to repair it.

To truly enjoy the beauty of boating – and for your peace of mind – seriously consider getting Rochester NY Boating Insurance, so you can protect yourself, your passengers, and the welfare of fellow boaters.

If you’ve ever wondered how Boat Insurance companies categorize boats for rating purposes here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Less than 16 ft is a personal watercraft
  • 16 ft to 25 ft 11 inches is a boat
  • 26 ft or longer vessels are considered to be yachts

Coverages offered are similar to auto insurance. Plus there are many additional protection options that the insurance experts at Gerard P. Smith Insurance Agency can discuss with you to fully customize your New York Boating Insurance. These options range from specialized equipment like depth finders to trailers.

We are experts in Personal Insurance Solutions and will guarantee you get the best protection that will fit your needs. You and your loved ones deserve it before you’re caught up in an unfortunate boating accident.

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The sooner we receive your information, the faster we can start protecting you and your boat. If you truly want peace of mind while you enjoy your boat this summer in Rochester, NY, then complete the form now while it’s still fresh on your mind.