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Liquor Store Insurance

Are you looking for liquor store insurance?

Owning a liquor store presents unique risks for you, the business owner, due to the potentially dangerous nature of alcohol.  The specialists here at the Gerard P Smith Insurance Agency in Webster, NY have the experience and ability to provide you with the best possible liquor store insurance.

Slip and falls occur more frequently at New York liquor stores as a result of spills and high traffic.  Many liquor stores in Rochester hold wine tastings, liquor tastings, and beer tastings.  Liquor stores have a high rate of employee theft due to the nature of the product. 

Ask yourself – Has your current agent provided you with the right New York liquor store insurance to protect you from all of those risks?

Consider This:

  • Are you covered if you sell alcohol to a minor or an intoxicated customer?
  • Are you covered if you are running errands in your personal vehicle?
  • Do you have coverage for employee theft?
  • Could your products be contaminated due to water, heat, or smoke?

Protection will be meaningless to you after the incident occurs, so let the team at Smith Insurance in Webster, NY provide you with the right liquor store insurance for your business from general liability insurance to workers compensation insurance and commercial auto insurance.

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