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General Liability Insurance

One General Liability Claim Can Ruin You

It’s a good idea to make sure your business liability protection is rock solid.. Our society leans toward being controversial and you never know how a jury and/or judge will rule.

For example, here are four cases involving business liability suits that will open your eyes:

  • A man filed a $54 million dollar lawsuit against a dry cleaners over a lost pair of pants
  • A CVS pharmacy manager filed a racial discrimination lawsuit against the drug store chain
  • A man filed suit as a result of being injured by an overhead display at a Home Depot that had toppled
  • A man was the victim of a snafu on a bungee ride that caused him to be hanging over the ground for over 30 minutes.  He filed suit claiming he suffered spinal and internal injuries as a result of this.

That’s four different businesses… Four different situations… Four possibilities for crippling financial losses.

If nothing else, this puts a face on liability claims. These lawsuits prove the fact that despite everyone’s good intentions–bad situations will occur.

The thing that will help you defend against this is your liability insurance protections. Make sure they are appropriate enough for your business. Also make sure they cover all of the potential covered liabilities which include premises, product, bodily injury, property damage,  personal injury, among others.

You shouldn’t confuse general liability with professional liability insurance which covers errors and omissions.

We are experts in business insurance and will guarantee you get the best protection that will fit your needs—before you’re put into an unfortunate situation.

We’ll help you design your business insurance portfolio complete with viable liability coverage.

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