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Employment Practices Liability Insurance

What is Employment Practices Liability Insurance?

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) is a form of insurance that is extremely important in today’s day and age. It provides protection for an employer against claims made by employees, former employees, or potential employees. This protection will also extend to any defense costs incurred in a covered claim! EPLI covers an employer in the event of:

  1. wrongful dismissal, discharge or termination of employment
  2. breach of a written or oral employment contract or implied employment contract
  3. wrongful failure to promote
  4. wrongful demotion
  5. employment related wrongful discipline
  6. sexual or workplace harassment of any kind
  7. constructive discharge of employment
  8. negligent reassignment
  9. employment related retaliation
  10. employment related humiliation
  11. wrongful deprivation of a career opportunity
  12. and MUCH, MUCH more

Did you know…..your General Liability Insurance policy does NOT cover any of these exposures?

Employment Practices Liability Insurance is not a substitute for a great HR program, or for monitoring what is being said in your Rochester NY business.  EPLI will, however, protect you in the event that your business is sued for any of the events listed above.

Consider the following: One of your employees decides to tell a joke to his colleague through the company email system.  The email, however, is sent to the entire office by mistake and offends another employee.  If that employee sues you, your ONLY defense is Employment Practices Liability Insurance.

At Gerard P Smith Insurance Agency, we have protected the residents and businesses of Rochester and the surrounding areas since 1966. We know the area. We know the residents. We know how to protect you with the right Employment Practices Liability Insurance. If you are looking for Rochester NY insurance, then you have come to the right place!

Avoiding claims and lawsuits is not promised to you or anyone else. So, don’t delay. Be prepared for life’s misfortunes. Complete the Free Insurance Quote Form now and let the professionals at Gerard P Smith Insurance Agency in Rochester NY forge a shield of protection over you.

The EEOC (U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) has some eye opening data on the number of charges filed each year for some type of discrimination.