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Auto Shop Insurance

New York Auto Shop Insurance

Has a customer’s vehicle ever been damaged at an auto shop in New York, maybe even your auto shop in Rochester, NY? Have you ever thought about the different ways that someone could get hurt in a repair garage?

With a little thought, it’s easy to see all of the risks that you and your business face. You have tools, chemicals, lifts, and other machinery that could easily injure a worker or a customer! You and your business can be held responsible for these injuries and damages that could happen in your shop.

At Gerard P Smith Insurance we not only make sure you have the right auto shop insurance protection to cover these risks, but we have over 150 years of business insurance experience and know the best ways to help you minimize your risk.

Our talented team knows auto shops, and we know how to insure them. Whether you need garage keeper’s liability insurance, workers compensation insurance, or general liability insurance, we can build the right insurance protection plan for your business!

Have you considered the following?

Storing other people’s vehicles at your auto shop presents a unique set of risks. We will protect you against those specialized risks with our auto shop insurance programs.

When a car is damaged in some way, the owners bring their vehicle to you because you are uniquely qualified to take care of the problem. When you need to protect your Auto Shop or Repair Garage, come to the Smith Insurance Agency in Rochester New York because we have access to the best companies in the business and can are uniquely qualified to protect you!

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