A Letter From a Happy Customer to Smith Insurance in Webster

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you had a house fire?  Would you have enough homeowners insurance to cover the loss?  Would it be an absolute nightmare with headaches throughout the whole process of collecting under your homeowners insuranc policy and repairing or rebuilding your home?

Below is a message that we just recieved from a client of ours who had a horrific house fire over the summer.

“Our summer was a mess but God is good and blessed us in spite of spending 3+ months out of our home. Many friends helped us and we made some new friends in Erie Insurance – Nancy Mowins and our main contractor Joe Scofero. Nancy made the process go very smoothly and we have nothing but praise and thanks for how she worked with us and Joe to expedite the whole process. Really, things went smoothly and without a hitch. We moved back into our home on October 9th and have been very please with the way the house and our new furniture etc.. came out.

We are thankful also to have Smith Insurance as our local agents. I new if there were any problems – I could talk to Tom or his brother, but thankfully there were no problems. Many people who I talked to told of unhappy situations they heard of with insurance companies, but I was happy to tell them how wonderful Erie was to us.

We are looking forward to a blessed 2012 and will be a little happy to leave 2011 behind. When school ends this year we will go get another puppy to replace the two labs that we lost in the fire. They were the only truly irreplaceable items for us.

Anyway – Betsy and I wish you and Heidi and your family a very Merry Christmas and hope the 2012 is a great year for you, your family and your business.

– Bill”

We truly appreciate those kind words from Bill, and would love to provide YOU with the same level of service on your Rochester NY Homeowners Insurance.

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