Keep Your Employee Drivers Distraction-Free

Did you know that April is National Distracted Drivers Month? This is the perfect time to look at your employees who drive vehicles in any capacity and reinforce the importance of staying distraction-free while behind the wheel. Not only will this help keep your employees safe and keep your business running without interruption, but it will also help keep your insurance costs low.

According to the National Safety Council, the average work-related motor vehicle injury claim costs $69,206, which is twice as much as other work-related injuries. And, as you know, the more claims you have, the higher your insurance premiums will be. One of our carrier partners, Travelers Insurance Company, recommends using the following four-step program to help better protect your employees from distracted driving.

1. Create – Develop a formal, written policy stating your organization’s position on mobile device use and other distractions while driving. This policy should apply to everyone in your organization who drives a vehicle, regardless of their position.
2. Communicate – To be effective, safety policies should be communicated repeatedly. Have every employee who drives acknowledge in writing that they have read, understand and will follow it. Then, send regular messaging to employees via emails, newsletters and bulletin board postings to reinforce the policy.
3. Follow – Managers and office staff should lead by example. Let employees know that while they are on the road, no phone call or email is more important than their safety. To further prove that point, managers and other staff should defer conversations with employees until they are safely parked.
4. Promote – Managers should define the safe driving practices and expected behaviors of those that drive for any business purpose. They should also take the appropriate steps to understand who is following these policies, and actively promote the desired behavior.

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